Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rededication to Eat to Live

We've had the hottest August on record. It's so hard to stay energized and nearly impossible to get outside after noon. I'm not overweight, but I've gained a few pounds the past couple of months and now I'm ready to get them off. I know I've been eating when I'm really just thirsty, and I got an ice cream maker that makes the best soy "ice cream" in just 20 minutes. I've also become addicted to Lara bars or cereal before bed. If I can do without tonight, I'll be back on track and back to fruit after dinner.

This blog will feature my Sunday dinners and my Saturday morning trips to the farmers market and the awesome landmark Whole Foods Market, where I shop for my ingredients for Sunday. I cook for my son - CB - and his gf - L . The plan for this weekend is to grill (since it will only be 90 degrees out as opposed to the usual 104) and the only planned menu item so far is tofu and veggie kabobs. We'll see what the markets have to offer and go from there. I'll also let you know about any cooking classes I take. I try to do one or two a month.

I work full time downtown. I work out with a personal trainer every Monday night. I'm a rather boring eater really, although I love most all the veggies, all beans, and tofu. I never drink my calories. I only have coffee for breakfast. I have a huge salad for lunch every day at my desk, except for the few times I venture out. There are so many good "not chain" restaurants here! I have steamed broccoli every night for dinner. I always keep on hand for quick dinners a stew of fresh onions, garlic, and zucchini, plus a bag of frozen mixed veggies, a can of rotel, and a can of garbanzo beans. I season it according to whim - usually with coriander and cumin, sometimes with Italian or Mexican. And I love to bake. I learned a few months ago that I'm gluten intolerant, so that's been quite a new baking adventure. I still do "regular" baking for my friends and family quite often.

I wish I were a Whole Foods chef. Too late for that now. If you know anyone in Lubbock (who's not vegan), my cousin just opened a restaurant called Manna. She's living my dream.