Thursday, November 16, 2006

Holiday Recipe Testing

I tested a couple of recipes I'm thinking about serving for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This is quinoa with fresh cranberries and sliced almonds. This passed the test - it's very tasty.

These are green bean bundles. I couldn't remember exactly how I made them before. Well, I knew I bundled the green beans with carrots. I just couldn't remember how you serve them hot! During testing I remembered. The beans bundled with a carrot RING should be assembled, seasoned, and then steamed. The beans tied with a carrot KNOT should be seasoned and tied after the beans have been cooked, if you're a fast knotter.

My office hosted a Thanksgiving luncheon today and ordered from a barbecue joint. They offered to provide me a salad after I asked them if they would have anything for me. I didn't expect special treatment, but I didn't want to seem rude. And I didn't know what kind of side dishes might be coming. Oh man, that food stunk up the whole office from 11:00 a.m. Then they put the leftovers in the refrigerator and stunk it up, including the ice cubes. They had smoked turkey, creamy cole slaw, potato salad, cheesy green beans, and pies. There is no leftover pie. So I invited Chase and his gf to lunch and we went down the street and had vegan Thai food. Chase and I had Pud Pak, which is 7 or 8 kinds of veggies, tofu, and steamed rice in a mild sauce, and his gf had a very large noodle dish with tofu and lots of veggies. (Really, the bowl was as big as your head!) Lunch is $5.95. We also had a springroll appetizer with a yummy peanut sauce. It's always so good and quite a bargain for downtown Austin.

So I just had a salad for dinner, made with my leftover sauteed veggies and blackeyed peas on a bed of lettuce.

And here's some carob chip muffins I made over the weekend.

That's all.


Candi said...

Hi Diann!

Your quinoa photo is so pretty! I love how you put fresh cranberries and almonds in there!! :P

The beans are so cutely tied up!!

Your lunch sounds great too...and not very expensive for what you got! It's cute too how often you get to spend time with your son and his gf!

I was really loving your salad!! I love the sauteed summer squash!

The muffins look really yummy!!

b36Kitchen said...

I love the beans! They look so awesome. I never thought of making a ring out of the carrot. Very creative.

I use to work in an office once where I would get a fresh frozen turkey for thanksgiving. My mother would threaten me to not refuse it. I use to make her drive down to the office to pick it up. I wasn't going to touch it. They would also order this huge thing of paella. Oh my goodness! that thing would stink up the office for days. They would alway's try to get me to try just alittle bit of it. I of course never would. I think they thought I was rude for not even trying it. People just don't understand.


Nikki said...

Everything looks so yummy... Cranberries and quinoa are made for each other!

bazu said...

I agree with everyone that the quinoa looks gorgeous. I have a whole jar of quinoa (and some frozen cranberries) just sitting around, and I need to make some!
Your presentations are certainly holiday-worthy-everything so colorful and festive. I love how you take time to really make your meals special. And since I'm a salad lover, I'm especially eyeing your salad! I could live on that.

laura jesser said...

Your recipes look wonderful! Everyone's raving about that quinoa, and I agree--beautiful. I like the green bean bundles too. I'm working up a Thanksgiving menu, but I haven't really decided yet what I'm going to do!

Ben Kaelan said...

so cool! A coworker was telling me all about quinoa today. I'm going to have to try it :)

I love love love your muffins! :)

- Ben

Vicki said...

this all looks so great! i adore the green beans w/carrot holders. :o)

Vicki said...

ps - i moved! hope you'll update me & visit. have a great weekend and T-Giving. :o)

Ruthie said...

Oh my goodness! You totally just reminded me what one of the things I hated most about Texas was -- "Cowboy" Food! yUck! I remember this barbecue place we used to go to before I became a vegetarian. Rudy's. San Antonio's most famous barbecue joint I think. They have this big pit where they smoke all the meat (three or four different kinds, of course) and serve it with cole slaw, potato salad, white bread, beans with bacon chunks, and creamed corn (with cream). Not a single vegan item menu unless you get potato chips! All the stuff soaking in fat, mostly saturated, not a single vegetable (unless you count the mayonaise-soaked cole slaw!). Ugh! How can anyone feel good after eating a meal like that? How can anyone feel even a little bit vibrant or alive? And why do they even wonder why everyone in San Antonio is sick and overweight?!

Sorry to rant. :)


aTxVegn said...

Thanks, everybody! Lots of possibilities with grains and cranberries, huh?

Ruthie, Rudy's is who catered our office party and we had all those disgusting foods you mentioned! Plus 3 pies! All afternoon everyone kept talking about how stuffed they were - so gross.

Urban Vegan said...

Great stuff. I especially love the little asparagus bundles--they look so lovely.

Sorry to hear about your office lunch.

Okra Mary said...

I added you to my links on the new blog - btw, our Thanksgiving potluck was also a bummer.

"Hey mary, here's a potatoe casserole."

ME: "is there meat in it?"

"No - but I used cream of chicken soup, can you eat that?"

Freedom said...

The bean bundles and muffins look great. I'm so jealous, I wish I could get fresh cranberries here! My options are dried and coated in sugar (no thankyou!) or about a million dollars for a little box of frozen ones.
Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! (or should I say HAD a nice thanksgiving? I don't even know when it is.)

VeganCyclist said...

do you have a recipe for the quinoa dish? it looks DIVINE!