Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's World Vegan Day?!?!

How come I didn't know it's World Vegan Day? And it's my 1st vegan birthday! I remember because I started Eat to Live the day after Halloween last year ("just one more tootsie roll").

I told Jackie of The Vegan Diet that I made the Warm Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad she posted yesterday and I promised to post a picture. You would never know if I didn't admit it, but I only had a sweet potato and used that instead of pumpkin. Jackie posted 2 delicious sounding recipes for pumpkin salads, and this one is really, really, good. It has a tahini dressing, which I lightened up a little by cutting down on the oil, and raw onion and cilantro. Yummy!

I want to post pictures of my kids on Halloween too! Chase's bones are painted on, and his gf won a couple a costume contests for her jungle woman outfit.

Just a couple of additional thoughts: I talk about my love for my new asian supermarket a lot. But I want to pass along a warning that I learned from my son. I showed him my new favorite rice cracker snack mix. It had one especially fun cracker that was round, the size of a marble, and had something rattling inside of it. Then he reminded to be careful of fish as an ingredient, and sure enough - no more fun crackers for me. I'm usually insanely careful to read labels. I just get excited when I find gluten free snacks. So, a reminder.

One last thing: I was having my oil changed Saturday morning, and one of the guys behind the counter was telling his coworkers about how he prepared his wonderful Thanksgiving turkeys. Then I heard him tell them that the secret to the best tasting vegetables and fish is to steam them in the top rack of your dishwasher on the "dry" cycle. They gave him such a hard time. "Do you wash them in there too before you steam them?" I have actually heard of this but have never ever considered attempting this. It just seems wrong to me.

Have any of you done this? Would you? (with veggies, of course!)

Happy World Vegan Day!


madeinalaska said...

who knew it was world vegan day.. or that there was such a day.. Who votes on that?
your cute son and his really pretty girlfriend are quite the pair aren't they?
Hey you asked about seitan.. I use vegan w/ a vengeance recipe.. its on their blog(at post punk kitchen, I think its I have tried MANY before and this is THE ONE!! I use some additional spices that I add to it before I cook it to make it more savory. (a teaspoon thyme, sage, rosemary and 1/4 tsp garlic powder and cumin seeds) 1 time out of ten though it just comes out a bit soggy.. then I usually kind of press it like tofu in a colander.. or it does firm up a bit in the fridge or freezer.
oh just try it you won't be sorry!
take care

Jackie said...

What great Halloween costumes, very scary.

Thanks for the photo of your salad, looks good.

Anonymous said...

Happy World Vegan Day to you!

Cool costumes! I don't think I could do that to my veggies -- it just seems like an unsanitary way to cook food.

Kaji's Mom said...

I've heard of people using their dishwashers to cook fish before, but I would think with veggies they'd fall apart. I might consider it sometime with a nice winter squash.

bazu said...

I confess I was ignorant to the existence of World Vegan Day- but it's about time! And that's so cool that it falls on your vegan b-day! Happy 1st!

I was laughing so hard at your comment on my blog about stress and dental bills - because dental problems are one of the sources of my stress! I need to have my wisdom teeth removed and get a mouthguard- because I grind my teeth- because I'm stressed- it really does come full circle, doesn't it? ... =)

Ben Kaelan said...

What the hell? Dishwashers have one and only function; to wash dishes! Ewww ... Who would do that!?!?!

I'm sorry but I need to arrange a public service announcement against using dishwashers as cooking apparatuses... They sell good quality steamers out there! That's so gross... If you know the basics of dishwashers you should know that there's always *some* water that stays at the bottom of the dishwasher; that water becomes stagnant and probably harbors bacteria... plus through in soap residue that could be lurking around... oh man there are so many things wrong with that! LOL

Pleeeeease don't do this at home people! :) There are tons of yummy recipe on all the cool vegan blogs on here... there's no need to experiment with your dishwasher :)

SAY NO TO DISHWASHERS!!!... unless it's to clean dishes... then say YES :)

- Ben

(I just got home from work... sorry if any of this is nonsensical or anything... I'm gunna read this in the morning and feel dumb lol)

Gaia said...

Well, cooking with a dishwasher grosses me out too LOL never heard of that before.

I love the Halloween costumes ! Very creative :)

And Happy 1st Anniversary ! :)))

Nikki said...

Well, it's not as bad as cooking something on a car engine!

Those are some great costumes! I wish I could have dressed up this year...but between work and being sick there was no time! I tell you, I was so pale the other day that I could have passed as a costume!

That pumpkin dish looks great. Jackie always posts the best recipes!