Friday, October 06, 2006

Tofu Strips and "Iron Chef"

I bought tofu strips and bamboo shoot strips (i.e. noodles) at an asian market a few days ago. I made a basic stirfry with the bamboo shoots and it was fine. But last night I made a "fajita" stirfry with peppers and onions and spicy seasonings, then put that over the tofu strips, which just require steaming for 1o minutes. I am in love with those tofu strips! They are so hearty and filling, and a gazillion times better than shiratake noodles. Megan the Vegan has a picture of it on her recent post.

Okay, this may seem weird, but I can't wait to watch Iron Chef on Sunday. It's because a homeboy is going to challenge Bobby Flay. He's a 5-star chef, 31 years old, a father of 4, really cute, a genius, and already highly acclaimed. He invited the public to a viewing party so I'm guessing he won. You should watch, if for no other reason, his exquisite plating. And also for his creative combination of ingredients.

I got the inside scoop on the show. A few months before taping, the chefs were told the secret ingredient would be either caviar, peppers, or wild boar. Of course I found out I'll have to watch them carve up the wild boar. He prepares 35 different components for his 5 dishes. He will serve the judges (along with the boar) grilled watermelon, garlic risotto with chive emulsion and caraway molasses glaze, whiskey apples, black truffle grits, and corn whipped potatoes. And Bobby Flay has a "mishap" when flames shoot up 2 feet high from a roaster.

To end on a soothing veg note, the macrobiotic chef from my class told us she was moving to Kauai to be the pastry chef at The Blossoming Lotus. She is the luckiest person in the world. Check out their website and recipes at Their cookbook is so beautiful. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet.


Candi said...

Ohh! What a beautiful restaurant in Hawaii! Sounds like a dream move to me.

I love the Iron Chef too, but I cringe at all the meat and dairy. I would LOVE to see the Vegan Iron Chef! Maybe that will be YOU when you are done with your cooking classes!!

Harmonia said...

I saw the very end of that episode and didn't know there was a mishap! Ek! A Vegan Iron Chef would ROCK or even a Veg*n one...I would love either. I would even love if Iron Chef would do more Veg*n episodes! Anything for pete's sake! ;)

Hope your weekend was a nice one.