Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lunch with Friends

I am so lucky. The past two Wednesdays I have had lunch at Nu Age Cafe. The cafe was featured in VegNews magazine recently as one of the top 20 veg restaurants in the country. Everything I've ever eaten there is perfect and bursting with layers of flavor. They have recently started offering lunch "express" specials, which I almost always order. For around $7 you could get a burger and fries, or a huge plate of some sort of soy protein with a great sauce and broccoli or green beans, or a half order of the house salad and a big bowl of soup. My lunch companions are nowhere close to vegetarian, but are very accommodating of my way of eating. Fortunately, a restaurant like this can sure help convince skeptics that tofu and seitan and veggies are good things! Anyway, my absolute favorite thing on the Nu Age menu is their house salad. I remembered that PETA had Nu Age as a featured restaurant awhile back, so I went to the website and lo and behold, I found the recipe for the salad! The recipe does not mention that the pecans in the salad are candied. That's one reason the salad is so awesome! Here's a link to the recipe: There is also another recipe with that link for a pesto linguine that looks pretty good. I haven't had it because it's not gluten free. Nu Age does identify all its gluten free items on the menu, which I appreciate.

Another of my favorite restaurants is Koriente. If you want to see some really really beautiful food, check out this menu:

I was supposed to get my home computer back yesterday. I would love to post pictures of my Veggie Day Fiesta tonight, but I'm baking cookies for our local SPCA Barktoberfest, and my stupid computer probably won't get delivered today as promised anyway.......

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Anonymous said... i wish I had those restaurants here in Toronto!