Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pizza and a Beautiful Salad

It was just me and my son tonight, but it didn't stop us from having a great pizza party. I baked a whole wheat oatmeal pizza crust, and we topped it with my homemade sauce, carmelized onions, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, red & green bell peppers, dried tofu, and a little pineapple. CB wanted to dip his slices in ranch, so I made that too. Here is the pizza before it went into the oven.

Here's a slice ready to eat, topped with nutritional yeast.

I also made my nightly broccoli, this time mixed with cannelini beans and sundried tomatoes.

Ever since I found my favorite restaurant's house salad recipe on the PETA website, I've been dying to make it. I finally made my version of it today. I promise it is the most beautiful and best tasting salad I've ever eaten. It's a mix of greens, cucumbers, radishes, purple cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper, apple, pineapple, and mango. It's topped with golden raisins, dried cranberries, candied pecans, hemp seeds, an avocado, and edible flowers. It has a tiny amount of dressing which is 1 tablespoon Bragg's, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon sesame oil, 1 teaspoon maple sugar, and 1 teaspoon agave nectar.

Hard to get a side shot in a glass bowl, but even the leftovers are beautiful.

This is our awaiting table.

CB was too full for dessert, but not me! I made a cocoa banana marble cake. This was my first time at marbling. I obviously need more practice. The cake has 4 ripe bananas in it, so it is very moist - no frosting necessary. I hope it freezes well.

Now I've got to start planning my Halloween menu.


Candi said...

That is such a beautiful table shot of all your foods!!! I am in awe of your gorgeous salad. The colors are incredible!!

I like the idea of oatmeal in the pizza crust too! It looks really good.

I didn't realize you had broccoli nightly! It's good stuff! I love the beans in it.

Banana cake!! :P Yum!

I hope you and your son had a great pizza party!! :)

bazu said...

Gorgeous and brilliant. I always look forward to coming to your blog and seeing the most colorful rainbow of food. I really need to eat more broccoli- I love it, but it's so easy to forget sometimes. You have reminded me! =)

Nikki said...

Simply wonderful!

Jennifer C. said...

Can you post the recipe for your whole wheat oatmeal pizza crust? That is a beautiful and amazing salad! What a fantastic meal!

madeinalaska said...

Wow what a fantastic spread there! That is way fancier then our pizza night here.
We too eat a heck of a lot of broccoli.. I think the kids would eat it ever night as well.. one likes it cooked the other likes it crunchy.

Gaia said...

That is one gorgeous table !
You are amazing !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table setting - so Martha Stewart! I love it! I've never thought of using oatmeal in pizza crust either but I bet it's good - oatmeal bread is one of my faves.

aTxVegn said...

Thanks, everybody.

Candi - I've been eating broccoli for dinner every night for as long as I can remember. Most people don't believe broccoli is my favorite food, but I just don't feel like me if I go without!

MadeinAlaska - I work pretty hard for Sunday dinners because I want my son to keep coming back!

Jennifer C - I'll include the oatmeal pizza crust in my next post. It's my favorite.

Vegan Diva said...

Oh that pizza looks scrumptious!!! Can I come over for dinner? :)

Ben Kaelan said...

*licks screen* MMmmm.... YUM!