Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nu Age Cafe Dinner and Six Weird Things About Me

For Christmas I received a $50 gift certificate to the best veg restaurant in town, Nu Age Cafe. Of course I had Chase go with me and he thought just the two of us should go and pig out. So we did. To use up the $50, we had to order appetizer, entree, and dessert. The meal cost $49.80.

Our appetizer was Rainbow Soy Wrap. It is described on the menu as cabbage, soy, enoki mushrooms, snow peas, bamboo shoots and carrots wrapped in handmade red yeast rice batter and served with a tangy red dipping sauce. I've never had red yeast rice, but it sure is pretty. The wraps and sauce were delicious, although a little oily. (Chase couldn't believe I wanted to take pictures.) Off to the side and very green is a glass of lemongrass lime iced tea.

When the cafe first opened, the menu was entirely vegan. Now many of the menu items have dairy added in, which I think is mainly in the form of whey powder added to the sauces. Chase ordered Sizzling Soy for his entree. It's a barbecue style soy protein served on a sizzling platter. It came on a bed of veggies with sides of mashed sweet potatoes and rice. He liked it, but not as much as he liked my entree.

I always get either the house salad or the soy tenders with broccoli. So I decided to venture off and ordered the Soy Spinach Rolls - "Sliced rolled soy tenders, spinach, pistachios and beets topped with mango cream sauce and a medley of chopped asparagus, squash and bell peppers. Served with mashed potatoes, portabella mushroom gravy, and brown rice." It sounded so good, but guess what -- not vegan anymore! So I stuck with Broccoli Soy Tenders - it comes with bell peppers, snow peas, squash, and a side of rice. It's always yummy. Oh, the rice comes in a banana leaf cone.

No room for dessert, but we ordered it anyway and ate it all. Chocolate Cake - Homemade organic whole-wheat chocolate cake with chocolate cream and dark chocolate icing. Thank goodness it's still vegan!

On another note.... I was tagged by Erica to tell six weird things about me, so here goes:
1. I never eat breakfast, I always eat a huge salad for lunch, and I always eat broccoli at dinner.
2. I never go to movies and I can't sit through an entire tv show, even a 30 minute one. I always have to get up and do something.
3. I have never eaten in my car, but I always have something to drink.
4. I can leg press 332 pounds - 3 times my body weight!
5. I have never had a pedicure.
6. I'm a little more tolerant now that I'm into plating my food, but normally I don't like the foods on my plate to touch each other. I eat a few bites of things at a time, and I actually plan what a want my last bite to be. When I was a kid, my mom would always serve us at the table, and she would pile everything into the middle of my plate. I would always get mad at her. She would always say "Sorry, I forgot." And my dad would say "Get over it. It all winds up in the same place anyway." This was a nightly ritual.

Am I weird? My first tag -- I tag Crystal.


laura k said...

Wow, that chocolate cake speaks for the whole meal, to me! It's too bad about all the de-veganizing. We had an accidental un-vegan experience yesterday at a favorite restaurant that should, in my opinion, not lean on dairy so much. Why???? Anyway, your meal looks great! And no, you're not weird--at least not any more than the rest of us! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

The food looks wonderful! You're not that weird. I've never had a pedicure either. I know lots of people who hate to have their foods touching.

Eat Peace Please said...

What a way to pig out! That whole meal looks great, Diann!

About your "weird things", I am the same way with many of them so I thought I'd share. I never eat breakfast either, I can't sit through a tv show (have to do something too), and I plan my last bite as well! Glad to know a bit more about you and what we have in common (and not).

Kati said...

Way to use up that gift card! Your meal looks amazing - especially that decadent chocolate cake!

I liked reading your six "weird" things - they weren't THAT weird though, so don't worry!

scottishvegan said...

That looks like $50 well spent! That's a shame that the restaurant has felt the need to add dairy to vegan food. Maybe if enough people complained they might change back?!

Amey said...

What a pooper that your all-veg restaurant is moving away from all-vegan. Still... I guess all-veg with vegan chocolate cake isn't too bad. Sounds like a fun date for you and Chase.

Leg-pressing 332 is awesome! Rock on Diann!!!

Anonymous said...

mm..that soy wrap looks so good.
wow..what a leg press.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

what a super-awesome christmas gift! and a great eating extravaganza with chase. i enjoyed reading your "6 weirds" and i also plan what my last bite will be -- i always save the best for last!

Emmy said...

Way to go on using your gift certificate in one swoop. The Lemongrass lime iced tea sounds very refreshing; how was it? What a bummer they started adding dairy to some of the sauces :( The dessert looks great as does all of the food you got. Sounds like you had a nice time with good food and good company :)

Enjoyed reading the six "weird" things about you although I don't think they're weird at all :) Wow, leg pressing at 332 lbs!!! You totally kick butt!!!! In regards to not sitting through tv shows or movies, I'm the same way. I fidget and always try to multi-task...I often do embroidery while watching tv. And for #5, I've never had a pedicure either. And for #6, I'm not big on my food touching each other need to get some Pyrex grill plates (the tri-divided plates) really helps keep the food seperated LOL :)

Anonymous said...

First, your meal at Nu Age looks incredible. I want to eat that chocolate cake today! It looks so pretty. I tried stacking two layers before and it's not that simple.

Loved learning about your 6 weird things. I think it's so awesome that you can leg press 332 pounds. I don't know if I've ever told you this but I really like your profile picture. I've got a tremendous amount of respect for you (and anyone who is physically fit).

I'm just like you with the food separating. I can't stand it to be touching unless it's supposed to touch (like a casserole or pasta salad). I also save my last bite. I want it to be the best bite. I eat the crusts off my sandwiches first so that I can "save the best for last" and it drives Marty crazy. :)

I guess I'll think about my list now.

erica said...

I never go to movies either, I hate theaters and I can't justify spending so much on Hollywood 'cause I'm a total tightwad! Oh wait, every once in a blue moon I like to go to the theater in town that has $2 movies (they've usually been out for ages) and you can take your dinner in with you to eat while you watch the movie.

All that food looks excellent, the cake especially. Your entree is making me hungry for Thai food (but, when am I NOT hungry for thai food?)

I can't believe you can bench press so much! I'm a total weiner upper-body-wise, though I stair step every day.

aTxVegn said...

Thanks for the feedback, everybody! So we're not weird, we're special, yeh....

Emmy - Compartmentalized plates, great idea!

Erica - LEG press, not BENCH press! Geez!

Crystal, thanks for the nice comment. I look forward to your list!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a great meal, especially that cake! What a nice evening for you and Chase.

I enjoyed reading your five things. I know a lot of people who don't like their food to touch so you're not alone.

KleoPatra said...

Wow, you are a petite powerhouse with your legs there! Impressive.

Hmmmm... interesting ritual eating... that was enlightening to read your five things.

Love that you spent just under the $50. Way to use the certificate!

P.S. I've never had a pedicure or a manicure... and never shall!