Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cup O'Pizza

Remember Cup O'Pizza from "The Jerk"? That's what I had for dinner tonight! It's a HUGE football night here. Lance Armstrong, Matthew McConaughey, Emmitt Smith, politicians, etc. are all in town for the game. (I'm posting during half time.) I had to make some game-watching food, so I decided on pizza. Twice I have made Millet Squares from the Fatfree Vegan Recipe site, and both times they have never gotten crispy. I need a gluten free crust and I had hoped by baking the millet on a baking sheet it would work. But it didn't. I scooped the pizza off of the baking sheet and into a bowl.

I also made the almond oatmeal pie crust (mmmmm) and the red chile sauce for tomorrow night's dinner. I know you've all heard to be sure to wash your hands after handling chiles. It is advice to be heeded. I wiped sweat from my upper lip before washing and I paid for that for over an hour.

The only pic I have tonight is my beautiful bunch of New Mexico dried chiles. Tomorrow night's menu items are recipes adapted from the wonderful Lake Austin Spa. And since my son will be over for dinner, I'll get some decent pictures to post. Until tomorrow......

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Kris said...

Sorry to make you trek through all your old posts to fins this pizza one, but I wanted to tell you to GET A PIZZA STONE! I got one, with a pizza peel for $20 and I will never make pizza any other way and I try to convert everyone I know. The crust is always crisp, never, ever soggy and your pizza cooks up in 10 minutes tops.