Friday, September 15, 2006

Miso Mushrooms

I found this recipe today. It was titled Miso Mushrooms (Pickles), so it intrigued me. The simple recipe includes shitakes, miso, and sake. I decided to make a test batch, scaling the ingredients the best I could. First I rehydrated 10 shitake mushroom caps, then sauteed them on high heat in a teaspoon of olive oil until golden brown. While the mushrooms cooled, I mixed together 2-1/2 T. white miso and 2 t. rice vinegar. It was still quite thick and pasty. I eventually added a total of 2 T. vinegar. It was still thick, but I mixed it into the mushrooms and let it set for an hour.
It was really, really good! It was, however, still quite thick with miso, so I mixed it all in with my steamed broccoli. Maybe I was just in the mood for miso and mushrooms, but I was quite impressed with such a simple recipe.

I still can't figure out why they are called pickles!

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