Friday, September 29, 2006

Leaves of Brussels Sprouts, lightly dressed

I grabbed Chez Panisse Vegetables off the bookshelf to see how Ms. Waters would prepare Brussels sprouts. At her restaurant, the chefs trim the stems and peel off each leaf. Cooking them this way, she says, is like eating a new vegetable. Well, I'm up for a new veggie, so this is what I set out to do.

I trimmed and peeled away the leaves from 4 Brussels sprouts and then decided I just did not have the patience to continue on. The rest of the sprouts were quartered, cores cut out, and whatever leaves fell off went into a pile, and what remained was thinly sliced. I heated about a teaspoon of olive oil in a pan and added the leaves and a little salt. After about 2 minutes I added 2 slices of finely chopped onion and a few shakes of crushed red pepper. I continued cooking until the leaves were softened and beginning to brown, about 4 more minutes. Then I turned off the heat and added one clove of crushed garlic and the juice of half a lemon.

Alice Waters did not lie! These were not boiled or roasted Brussels sprouts. There was absolutely no bitterness. The taste was mild and the sliced parts of the sprouts had the same flavor as the leaves, clean and green and tender throughout. And I didn't have to cut them. This recipe gets a big thumbs up. I'd give you a bite, but I ate the whole pan.


Valentina said...

Hi! it looks very good! First time at your blog! Glad to find new veg* blogs!!!!!!! :)

Crystal said...

That looks fantastic! What a great idea for brussels sprouts. This is a "must try"